Civita d'Antino
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Civita d'Antino


One of the destinations of the Grand Tour of Danish painters, Civita D’Antino – known in ancient times as Antinum – was once one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire. Today you can still admire what remains of Roman buildings. However, Civita d’Antino saw its brightest period during the 19th century when, after a sharp decrease in population, the town became a hotspot for painters coming from all over Europe. During that period, many artists chose to live here to paint the Valle Roveto, leaving their traces not only on the canvas, but inside the many palaces as well.


After the 1915 earthquake – that severely damaged the town – the town came slowly back to town. Walking through the small center of the city center, you can still admire the work of some Danish painters – especially Christian Zahrtmann - inside Palazzo Ferrante or in the Cerroni boarding house.


Here you cannot miss the monumental cemetery built at the beginning of the 19th century outside the city walls and the Torre dei Colonna, where you can still see what remains of Saint Lidano birthplace, and the church of Santo Stefano, severely damaged by the earthquake of 1915 and rebuilt about 60 years ago.



Civita d'Antino

The favorite destination of Danish painters

Over the years, the ancient Antinum was the destination of the Grand Tour of Danish painters who came to the Roveto Valley to paint en plein air.
Inhabitants: 945
Area: 28,35 km²
Altitude: 904 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Sara Cicchinelli
Zip code: 67050
Area code: 0863
Phone: 0863.978122