How to get there
Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo

How to get there and go around

By bus, train, taxi, car or plane: organize your trips to and from Marsica

Thanks to its central positions near the road that connects Rome to Pescara, it is extremely easy to reach the Marsica region. You can get there with the bus, by train, or using your own car.

If you wish to get the train, the main train station is the one in Avezzano. The Rome-Pescara route stops also in Celano, Collarmele, Cerchio, Aielli, and Pescina. To get to Avezzano, you can also use the secondary route that connects L’Aquila to Sulmona. Just head here and enter the departure and arrival.


If you are travelling by bus, there are several options to choose from. The main lines, offered by both public and private companies (you can easily find them on Google) depart from Rome, L’Aquila, and Pescara and go through the A25 and A24 roads.


If you want to travel by car, the fastest and easiest route is the highway A25 from Torano to Pescara, or the highway A24 from Rome to L’Aquila and exiting on Avezzano, Magliano dei Marsi, Aielli-Celano e Pescina.


If you are travelling by plane, the nearest airports are in Rome and Pescara.


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