Alba Fucens
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Alba Fucens


In Massa d’Albe you can still visit a perfectly preserved Roman colony. Just a few kilometers from Avezzano, you will find one of the most important historical spots of the entire area.

We are talking about Alba Fucens, a Roman colony build around 300 b.C. located on a strategical position along the ancient road of Tiburtina Valerie. It was one of the first commercial centers of the territory, whose ruins are still visible today.

If you arrive by car, you can stop in town and find some charging stations for electric vehicles, and then start walking inside the archaeological area. Around the town you will find many place where to eat or drink something.

Walking along the Roman path, you can admire the outer walls and several gates: “Follonica, “Massa”, “Sud”, “Massima”. Then, you can also visit the remains of the ancient amphitheater, that hosts concerts and events in summertime, the aqueduct, the tavern, as well as columns and capitals that once adorned the town hall and the school.

There also many spots where you can take a nice picture: along the road leading to the excavations, from the gate of the archeological site or outside the church of Saint Peter. Walking along the roman road, you can admire the outer walls that once surrounded the ancient city hall and the school.

During weekdays, it is often possible to watch archaeologists working on the site. They find something new and unique every day, something that allows them to slowly rediscover the history of Alba Fucens.


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Alba Fucens

A Roman colony still visible today

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