Massa d'Albe
Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo

Massa d'Albe


History and nature are the protagonists in Massa d’Albe. The town – along with the districts of Forme and Alba Fucens – has about 1,390 inhabitants, living at the foot of the Mount Velino, about 865 mts above sea level. Massa d’Albe hosts the town hall, the schools, and several activities catering to the residents and those coming here during the summer.


Some of the most important events in the history of the town are the “Battle of Tagliacozzo”, between Charles I of Anjou and Conradin and, during World War II, the Nazi occupation.


Alba Fucens, developed between 303 and 304 b.C., is the most important archeological sites of Abruzzo. Due to its strategic position – near the Fucino Lake and just a few kms away from the capital – It was an extremely important location for Rome. Today you can still see what remains of the amphitheater, the roads and some shops.


Forme is the starting point for every hike in the natural park of Sirente Velino and of the Mount Velino. It is a welcoming hamlet, loved by sport enthusiast, and visited by hikers as well as bikers.



Massa d'Albe

The town at the foot of the Velino

History and nature come together in the Municipality of Massa d'Albe. The capital and the hamlets of Forme and Alba Fucens have 1,390 inhabitants who live on the slopes of the Velino at about 865 meters above sea level.
Inhabitants: 1 342
Area: 68,53 km²
Altitude: 856 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Nazzareno Lucci
Zip code: 67050
Area code: 0863
Phone: 0863.519144