Natural Reserve of Mount Salviano
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Natural Reserve of Mount Salviano


The natural reserve of Mount Salviano is a natural area founded in 1999. The name come from the mountain range that separated the Fucino basin from the Palentini Planes.

The area is about 720 hectares big, and there are 12 scenic routes that you can take to admire the landscapes offered by the Fucino Basin and the Mount Velino. One of these routes is the one leading to the Sanctuary of Madonna di Pietraquaria, the patron saint of the city of Avezzano.

The fauna is characterized mainly by the presence of squirrels, a symbol of the reserve itself, as well as of foxes, hares, polecats, deer, boars, and numerous species of birds. Thanks to the position of the reserve, there are also more than 70 different species of plants. 

The best time to hike here is during spring. In April, many people walk along these routes to take part to the many religious celebrations taking place in the sanctuary on top of the hill. In May, this sacred place is visited by many devotes that walk along the path of the Via Crucis. During the summer, many people like to practice sports and take part to the many events to protect the environment.

Natural Reserve of Mount Salviano

A natural reserve where squirrels are the kings

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