Madonna di Pietraquaria Sanctuary
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Madonna di Pietraquaria Sanctuary


The sanctuary of Madonna di Pietracquaria is located at about 1,000 meters above sea level, on the Salviano mountain. It is located at the center of the natural reserve of Monte Salviano and it is dedicated to the Madonna di Pietraquaria that, according to tradition, once appear to a young deaf shepherd to ask him to rebuilt her church.

The church presents one single nave that ends with a semicircular apsis with frescos depicting the life of the Madonna, and it surmounted by a barrel vault. The façade evokes the ancient elements of the neoclassical architecture, and it is characterized by half pilasters and enriched by golden mosaics.

In 1978, the Madonna di Pietraquaria was declared patron saint of Avezzano, and nowadays her sanctuary is visited by devoted coming from all over the country. Between the 25th and the 27th of April, the saint is honored with the “Focaracci” (“Big Fires”) festival: lots of bonfires are lit all over the town, and people gather around them to sing religious hymns.

Madonna di Pietraquaria Sanctuary

Visited by devoted coming from all over Italy

Address: SR82, 67051 Contrada Pietraquaria, Avezzano SR
Phone: 0863444132