Historical museum of Celano
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Historical museum of Celano


In Celano you will find a modern exhibition center that, in the past ten years, has been restored to let tourist take a journey through the history of the town. We are talking about the museum Paludi, built near the excavations of the pile-dwelling village from the Bronza Age (13th century b.C.) and of the coeval necropolis.  

The museum hosts the archeological materials found inside the area, as well as a wide collection of prehistorical finds from all over Abruzzo. 

The museum, with a surface of about 5,000 square meters, is characterized by a unique architecture: its shape, perfectly blended with the surrounding Fucino plain, recalls that of a tumulur burial from the prehistorical age. 

The museum is constantly visits by school from all over Italy. The staff welcome everyone and explain in detail all the artifacts housed inside the structure. 

Historical museum of Celano

A modern exhibition facility in the city