Study center Ignazio Silone
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Study center Ignazio Silone


In the historical center of Pescina you will find the study center Ignazio Silone, inside the former monastery of the Minor Conventual. Restored under the supervision of the office of Fine Arts, it hosts a library and the archives of the writer, a gift from his wife Darina. 

If you want to know more about the life and the work of Silone, you must visit this center. Here you will find several important documents that let us know more about his life, his work, and much more. 

As if this wasn’t enough, inside the study center there is also a theater that every year hosts the international prize Silone, as well as the sculpture “Monumento a tutti i giorni” (“A monumento to every day”) by the artist Pietro Cascella, an homage to Silone’s book “Vino e pane” (“Wine and bread”).

Study center Ignazio Silone

The library and archive of the writer

Address: Via del Carmine, 25, 67057 Pescina AQ
Phone: 0863 842829