Mazarin house museum
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Mazarin house museum


It is the museum dedicated to the cardinal Mazarin, who was born in Pescina in 1602 and became prime minister in France. The building was built in 1971 thanks to Gervaso Rancillo, a famous Milanese patron, and it is located inside the historical center of Pescina, just a few steps away from the tomb of Ignazio Silone. 

On the ground flour there is a hall with a library and a reading room where you will find a copy of the birth certificate of the cardinal. Upstairs there is a conference room with several documents and relics pertaining the life and work of Mazarin. 

Every visitor gets a booklet with all the most important data about the life of the Marsican cardinal. You can also read the bibliographical material available inside the structure, as well as the works written by the cardinal, like historical essays and biographies. 

Among the relics, you will find the manuscript written by Luigi Parlati that narrates the life of Mazarin. 


Mazarin house museum

The museum dedicated to the cardinal of Pescina

Address: Piazzale Rancilio, 67057 Pescina AQ
Phone: 330 925049
Mobile phone: 0863 84281