The Ovindoli sky area
Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo

The Ovindoli sky area


The ski area in Ovindoli is the favorite location for ski enthusiasts in and outside Abruzzo, and it is located in the hearth of the protected area of the Sirente-Velino park.

The ski area is located about 1400 meters above sea level, in the southern part of the Altopiano delle Rocche, on the Velino-Sirente massif, about 10 kms away from Celano. Around this area you will find the mountains of Faito, Magnola, Tino, and Sirente, as well as the Piani di Pezza. 

The Mount Mangola station, coordinated by the entrepreneur Giancarlo Bartolotti, offer one of the longest skiing seasons of central Italy: you can start skiing at the beginning of December and all the way to the beginning of May. 

Tourists will find 21 courses of various difficulty levels that span for about 30 kms, kept in a perfect shape by 6 snow groomers and an excellent and innovative snowmaking system. 

There is also a snow park divided in two areas: the Mangola Snow-Park (at 1980 meters above sea level), and the Lower-Park along the Dolce Vita course (at 1650 meters) for all the snowboard enthusiasts. 

The Ovindoli sky area

Skiing on the Abruzzo mountains

Address: Piazzale Magnola 61 67046 Ovindoli, AQ
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