The murales in Aielli
Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo

The murales in Aielli


In Aielli you will find dozens of murals realized by both local and international artists. Since the first mural, realized in 2018 and dedicated to the famous book by Ignazio Silone, “Fontamara”, the town has completely changed. 

The work of art, realized by Alleg (the nickname of Andrea Parente, born and raised in the Marsica region), has been called “visionary”, and it started a fantastic creative process that helped Aielli became famous all over the country. 

Street art gave the town new life, and it has attracted artists from all over Europe. Here you will find a real open-air museum, with plenty of fantastic works of art, like for example the famous mural painted by Okuda just a few steps away from the local church, and that of San Miguel, a Spanish street artist famous all over the world for his murals and sculptures. 

Every year, this small Marsica town offers new spaces to artists willing to express their art. Local houses are used to create true works of art that attracts thousands of visitors every year. 


The murales in Aielli

Colorful creations between history and civilization

Address: Piazza Filippo Angelitti 2 67041 Aielli, AQ
Phone: 320 3816481