Le antiche mura
Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo

Le antiche mura


The restaurant and pizzeria "Le Antiche Mura", located just a few meters away from the famous archeological site of Alba Fucens in Massa d’Albe, offers a suggestive and unique setting. 

The restaurant, that is family-run, works daily to offer products of the highest quality. The culinary offering, based on traditional recipes from Abruzzo, is characterized by a mix of flavors that will satisfy even the more demanding customers. 

The chefs prepare each dish adding that personal touch that makes them modern and even more delicious. 

The menu, constantly expanded with new dishes, offers mainly meat-based dishes prepared in a unique and special way, like for example the famous arrosticini and the game offal. Pasta is always fresh and homemade, and we strongly recommend trying the spaghetti alla chitarra with various condiments. 



  • italian
  • pizza
  • meat
  • traditional
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Services available:

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Le antiche mura

Ancient Rome's flavors in the Marsica region

Address: Via San Pietro, 1, 67050, Massa D'Albe, AQ
Phone: 0863441086