Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo



Buillt around the Piccolomini Castle, at the foot of Mount Tino – known by everyone as the “Serra” (“Greenhouse”) – Celano is the biggest city of the area after Avezzano. It is a community rich of history, culture, and natural beauties that strongly relies on turism. In Celano you will find one of the most visited museums of Abruzzo, the “Marsica’s Museum of Sacred Art” and the Torlonia collection of antiquities from the Fucino, both inside the Piccolomini Castle.


The first traces of human presence in Celano date back to the Paleolithic, especially the pile dwellings from the Bronze Age (about 3.600 years ago), and a necropolis (from the 10th century). During the Roman age, the town known a time of prosperity mostly thanks to its connection to Alba Fucens, while with the arrival of the barbarians the main settlement was abandoned and the residents moved on the Serra.


Later on, Celano was ruled by the counts Berardi – the son of which, the bishop Pandolfo ordered the construction and the church of San Giovanni. Federico II destroyed the church and deported the people of Celano in Sicily and Malt, and they were able to come back only in 1227 to rebuild it.


The Piccolomini managed the city for 120 years and made it grow. Later it was ruled by the Peretti, the Savelli, the Cesarini and the Sforza-Bovadilla.


Like other towns in the Marsica region, also Celano suffered from the draining of Lake Fucino, and from the 1915 earthquake. The economic boom happened thanks to the distributions of lands to the residents.


Nowadays Celano is a city with a well-preserved historical center. It hosts the museums located inside the castle and the Paludi museum. Sport enthusiasts must visit the Gorges of Celano, as well as the many paths on the Mount Tino and inside the Sirente Velino Park.



The city dominated by the castle

Celano is a city rich in history, culture and traditions. To visit the Piccolomini castle, with inside the Museum of Sacred Art of the Marsica, the Paludi museum, and the numerous churches. Nature lovers cannot miss a walk in the Gole.
Inhabitants: 10 338
Area: 82,8 km²
Altitude: 800 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Settimo Santilli
Zip code: 67043
Area code: 0863
Phone: 0863.79541