Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo



Canistro is located at the centre of Simbruini Mountains. It is one of the most northerly town of the Valle Roveto. Known as the “town of water and roscetta chestnut”, its name was known as early as the Middle Ages, and just recently have been found the remains of a home dating back to 11th century. As many other towns in Marsica, Canistro was invaded by barbarians and ended up being part of Orsini and Colonna’s feuds.


The town became independent only in 1851. Due to a mass emigration registered during the last years of the 19th century and the damages caused by the earthquake of 1915, Canistro has been forced multiple times to stand up on its legs leveraging what the earth had to offer: water, typical local products, and natural beauties always divided by Upper and Lower Canistro.


When you visit Canistro, you cannot skip the Sponga Park, with its natural waterfalls and lakes. The park is a true natural oasis where you can relax for a few hours enjoying the authentic perfumes of the surrounding environment. Be sure to visit the troughs decorated with historical images located in several areas scattered around the upper part of town. Some of the best landscapes are offered by the Liri River and the historical railway that goes through Valle Roveto.


Every year here in Canistro is held the traditional celebration of the Roscetta chestnut, a particular variety of chestnut with a rich and intense flavor. Thanks to this and many other events organized in the town, the administration is able to showcase the typical products of the territory – not only chestnuts, but also olives, mushrooms and many other things.




The land of water and Roscetta

Canistro is a town in the Roveto Valley known for the Sponga park with its characteristic natural waterfalls and lakes. Destination for lovers of nature and chestnut groves where the Roscette are produced.
Inhabitants: 927
Area: 15,91 km²
Altitude: 554 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Gianmaria Vitale
Zip code: 67050
Area code: 0863
Phone: 0863 97142