Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo



Castellafiume is located at the foot of Mount Arunzo, a hamlet of just 1000 inhabitants. Its name means “Castles near the river”, and this because the town is crossed by the Liri River.


One of the first historians to take about the town is Muzio Febonio: in his “Historiae Marsorum” he talks about the church dedicated to San Benedetto. In the 12th century, Castellafium was an important town, such that it appears in the catalogue of the barons. During feudalism, it was ruled by many different families, up until it gained independency.


The small village of Pagliara was built near Castellafiume in the year 1000 AD. It is an extremely small town, where just 10 people live, that you can visit only by foot and it is characterized by several narrow white alleys.


In 1800 AD, Castellafiume became a fraction of Cappadocia, and then later regained its independency and it joined the village of Pagliara.


Today here you can visit the remains of the Orsini-Colonna castle, the San Lorenzo Grotto, the marvelous Nerfa Valley, as well as the many griffins that nest beside many other rare species like for example ravens and peregrine falcons. If you love climbing, be sure not to the miss the natural crags.




The village of the Nerfa Valley

Set in the Nerfa Valley, it is known for the presence of griffins, which can also be admired in dedicated locations, and the Arunzo aqueduct.
Inhabitants: 1 058
Area: 24,1 km²
Altitude: 840 m s.l.m.
Mayor: Giuseppina Perozzi
Zip code: 67050
Area code: 0863
Phone: 0863.54142