Marsi'nJazz Festival 2022
Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo

Marsi'nJazz Festival 2022

Everything is ready for the first edition of the Marsi’nJazz 2022, a music festival evolved from the Celano Jazz Convention and will animate the nights in Celano, Pescina, and Magliano dei Marsi with 11 concerts between the 4th and the 22nd of December. 

The event will bring together household names with new talents of Italian jazz to promote one of the most fascinating and beloved musical genres. The event is directed by Franco Finucci and the “Blue Note” association, and it is sponsored by the aforementioned towns, the Abruzzo Region, and the Ministry of Culture.  

“The idea of an itinerant stems from the will to spread the word of jazz music, loved by people from all walks of life and played by many teenagers – also thanks to the passion of our music teachers. Marsica is no exception, and this indicated how deep jazz music is ingrained in our culture, and its power to fascinate a much wider audience,” said Finucci.

The schedule

December 4th, 6:30 p.m., Teatro “San Francesco” – Pescina

Rosario Giuliani – Luciano Biondini CINEMA ITALIA: with Rosario Giuliani (sax, soprano) e Luciano Biondini (accordion)

“An homage to the great Italian cinema that make our country known all over the world and, with time, consolidate a tradition of excellence, as excellent is the ensemble of musician partaking to this project.”

December 6th, 9:30 p.m., Auditorium comunale – Magliano dei Marsi

Gabriele Pesaresi QUARTET: Gabriele Pesaresi (contrabass), Samuele Garofoli (trumpet), Franco Finucci (guitar), Pierluigi Tomassetti (drums)

“A modern and versatile band that play mainstream, free, and contemporary jazz.”

December 8th, ore 6:30 p.m., Teatro “San Francesco” – Pescina

Modular Art Collective BIG BAND: “The Modular Art Collective is a workshop of shared musical ideas that aims to produce great music without barriers. The ensemble is composed by young musicians with different backgrounds, all characterized by interpretative qualities that love experimentation, innovation, and democratic composition.” 

December 9th, 9:30 p.m., Auditorium “E.Fermi” – Celano

Hub Roots TRIO: with Luigi Tresca (sax), Claudio D’Amato (keyboards), Pierluigi Tomassetti (drums)

“An instrumental trio that plays a modern and fresh jazz that is both melodic and captivating, with pieces and original arrangements, a personal synthesis where traditional sound are mixed with modulated electronic sounds.”

December 10th, 6:30 p.m., Auditorium “E.Fermi” – Celano

Geoff Warren QUARTET: with Geoff Warren (flute), Raffaele Pallozzi (piano), Marco Di Marzio (bass), Bruno Marcozzi (drums)

“Un quartetto, guidato dal flautista inglese Geoff Warren, che presenta il suo flauto traverso come voce protagonista, offrendo una sonorità insolita e avvincente”

Domenica 11 dicembre, ore 18:30, Auditorium “E.Fermi” – Celano

Enzo Favata THE CROSSING: Enzo Favata (sax soprano, bass clarinet, soprano bandoneon) Pasquale Mirra (midi marimba, samplers & live electronics) Simone Graziano (bass synth live electronics & piano rhodes) Marco Frattini (drums and samplers)

“A fresh mix, with synth bass, electric keyboards, electric music, marimbas and vibraphones and drums that create a light and elastic atmosphere for the lithe soprano and the marvelous deep clarinet played by Favata.”

December 12th, 9:30 p.m., Auditorium “E.Fermi” – Celano

Paolo Damiani LISTE NEW BAND: con Sara Ceccarelli (vocals) Simone Alessandrini (alto and soprano sax) Francesco Fratini (trumpet and flugelhorn) Paolo Damiani (contrabass, compositions)

“ListeNew means a new way of listening to music, more attentive to other and the audience; where listening is the primary condition to play music, where you learn to follow or contrast other people’s suggestions, to reintroduce some intuitions or even to be silent, when necessary.”

December 13, 9:30 p.m., Auditorium “E.Fermi” – Celano

Luca Mannutza TRIO: with Luca Mannutza (piano) Stefano Senni (contrabass) Marcello Di Leonardo (drums)

December 14, 9:30 p.m., Auditorium “E.Fermi” – Celano

Marco Di Battista TRIO: with Marco Di Battista (piano) Bruno Graziosi (contrabass) Luca Di Muzio (drums)

December 15th, 9:30 p.m., Auditorium “E.Fermi” – Celano

Trio with Claudio Filippini – Fabio Colella SKIDS: Claudio Filippini (piano, keyboards, Moog) Fabio Colella (drums)

“This duo – characterized by the unmistakable touch of Filippini and the sophisticated drumming patterns created by Colella – is an evergreen ‘band’ thanks to the elegance and the variety of the repertoire contained in the seven tracks that compose SKIDS.” 

December 22nd, 9:30 p.m., Auditorium comunale – Magliano dei Marsi

Max Ionata HAMMOND TRIO: with Max Ionata (sax) Nicola Angelucci (drums) Vittorio Solimene (Hammond organ)

“The trio is enriched by the music of the fascinating Hammond organ. The repertoire included original compositions, well-known jazz pieces - wisely arranged for this ensemble – as well as famous pop songs.”

Marsi'nJazz Festival 2022

A first edition with 11 concerts