The Paths of the Goddess Angizia
Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo

The Paths of the Goddess Angizia

On Sunday 20th of November, in the context of the CorriMarsica Uisp and of the Campionato Provinciale UISP L'Aquila, in Luco dei Marsi it will be held the “Trail of the Marsi – Along the Paths of the Goddess Angizia”.

The highlight of the event, organized by the Podistica Luco dei Marsi association, is the 18-kms trail run that starts from piazza Umberto I (640 mts above sea level), reaches the Croce di Montebello (1560 mts above sea level), and then goes back to the starting point. Beside the competitive trail run (that as of today counts about 70 participants), there will be also a non-agonistic 10-kms walk.

“It is truly a breathtaking trail, with a mix of hard and easy sections, surrounded by the wonderful natural landscapes of our mountains,” say the organizers of the event led by the President Davide Baldassarre, always ready to employ his abilities to organize amazing events to promote the territory.

People will gather at 7:30 a.m. in Piazza Umberto I and the trail run will start at 9:30 a.m. At 12:30 p.m. it will be held the award ceremony.

To sign for the trail run, you can head to the “Digital Race” website. The registration fee (to pay on-site) for the competitive trail run is 15 euros. For the non-agonistical walk, the fee is 5 euros.




F25: Cristiana Pallucca (Briganti d’Abruzzo)


F35: Martina Iacobacci (Noi Pochi Intimi Asd)


F45: Maria Lorena Iaciancio (Parks Trail Promotions)


F55: Ines Antenucci (Runners Avezzano)


M16: Lorenzo Carretta (Briganti d’Abruzzo)


M25: Gianluca Valente (Briganti d’Abruzzo)


M30: Michele Mastrangelo (Runners Avezzano)


M35: Giovanni Paolo Pierleoni (Briganti d’Abruzzo)


M40: Angelo Raglione (Magic Runners Tagliacozzo)


M45: Michele Carretta (Briganti d’Abruzzo)


M50: Mariano Taccone (Gruppo Sportivo Celano)


M55: Donato Marinaro (Gruppo Sportivo Celano)


M60: Giovanni Iaboni (Podistica Luco dei Marsi)


M65: Vincenzo Inglese (Asd Plus Ultra)


M70: Pierino Barbonetti (Briganti d’Abruzzo)


M70+: Gianfranco Rosati (Gruppo Sportivo Celano)

The Paths of the Goddess Angizia

A breathtaking journey to explore our mountains

Luco dei Marsi