Avezzano, history of the modern city
Come into Marsica and discover the beating heart of Abruzzo

Avezzano, history of the modern city

On the 25th of June, at 5:30 p.m., inside the Teatro dei Marsi, there will be the book presentation of “Avezzano. History of the Modern City”, a book commissioned by the Nicola Irti Foundation and published thanks to the valuable collaboration of Radici Edizioni, a young publishing house from Capistrello.

The book, edited by Giampiero Nicoli and with a preface of Natalino Irti, presents 12 essays about the city and aims to highlight the characteristics that made Avezzano a point of reference of the entire Marsica even despite the devastating earthquake at the beginning of the last century.

The essays are written by: Stefano Bozzi (economy), Ludovico Ercole (school), Federico Falcone (theatre), Umberto Irti (archeology and concentration camps), Marcello Guido Lucci (art), Giovanni Marcangeli (history of the hospital and of the courthouse), Patrizia Montuori (architecture), Sergio Natalia (economy and politics), Giampiero Nicoli (history of the city before the earthquake), Stefano Pallotta (journalism), Domenico Paris (sport), Antonella Valente (writers).

The book has 560 pages with plenty of photographs by Francesco Scipioni, Luca Del Monaco and from the photographic archive Pitoni. 

Avezzano, history of the modern city

Book presentatio

Address: Piazza Castello, Avezzano