Big success for the Music festival
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Big success for the Music festival

Huge success for the 4th edition of the Music Festiva organized by the cultural association “Maxima Entropia”. The Music Festival is celebrated all over Europe on the summer solstice. Castellafiume, for the first time, joined the celebrations and, on the last 19th of June, it welcomed about 30 musicians.

“Music everywhere, concerts nowhere”: this was the slogan that characterized the event since its inception, and the festival in Castellafiume managed to perfectly fulfill the expectations. The day started at 4:30 p.m. with a stroll along the hamlet “Fontevecchia”, animated by Armando Rotilio, vocals and drums – Rebecca Rotondi and Bianca Evangelista, cello – Claudia Jabbour, violin – Francesco Giancaterina, guitar – Sarah Signorile, didactic lab “Incontri Sonori”.

Right after, at 7 p.m., in the Emigrante Square, there has been a concert with Claudia Scatena, Agnese Borra, Hanzhe Zheng, Luigi Massimo Scatena, Niccolò Tassi, Massimiliano Scatena, piano; Claudia Jabbour e Mariabeatrice Pietroiusti, violin; Ludovico D’Ignazio, flute; Bianca Evangelista and Rebecca Rotondi, cello; Beatrice Fallocco and Cristina Persia, soprano.

To end the rich day, at 9:30 p.m., in Alcide de Gasperi Square, there was a concert by XL & No Name feat. Ov3r composed by Andrea Putignano, Francesco Tursini, Alessandro Martelli, Diego Duraccio, Jackson Bizimana, Dorian Rotilio; the Bumba Meu Boi, with Massimiliano Scatena, Francesco Sette, Giovanni Corona, Armando Rotilio, Lorenzo Di Toro, Stefano Di Toro and the Mosaiko formed by Francesco Giancaterina, Marco Lustri, Alberto Cipolloni, Lorenzo Lustri, Marco Serapiglia, and Fabrizio Giancaterina.


Big success for the Music festival

Full house for the fourth edition